Thursday, June 24, 2010

20 Things That Make Me Truly Happy

1. warm sunshine glowing on my skin

2. fresh limeaide from Lulu's on St. Simon's Island, GA

3. sparkling clementine IZZE soda

4. summer thunder storms with the windows open

5. the bass line in the bridge of "My Heart" by Paramore

6. hazelnut cappuccinos

7. New World Symphony - Dvorak

8. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

9. summer humidity

10. Chris and his hugs and kisses

11. apple juice

12. the "wow" factor after seeing a particularly awesome movie in the theatre

13. Dr. Gregory House's sarcasm

14. when people that i've just met later tell someone that they like me and that i'm fun. :)

15. fresh Jonagold apples or Mutsu apples

16. crisp fall days when the leaves have that sharp organic smell and the breeze is cool but the sun is warm.

17. falling stars

18. homemade fresh sourdough bread

19. hearing tree bugs and frogs on a summer night

20. knowing i have people that love and support me and encourage me to keep taking one more step forward

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