Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday. 7.21.10

I got really, really good news a couple days ago. I got the job for the law clerk for the superior state court judge in my circuit for the year after I graduate. That took so much stress and anxiety off my mind. The job will pay nice for a first job, and I'll be able to live with my parents to cut down on expenses and take an extra year trying to find a permanent job. Now all I have to worry about is passing my last year of law school and passing the bar exam. Piece of cake! 0_0 (that's my scared face by the way)

I leave for vacation in 10 days. I. am. so. happy. I've been waiting for this vacation since the first of May. No, really. I feel like all I do now is work. Welcome to the real world, right?

I'm planning on taking lots of pics of vacation and probably posting a few of them on here when I get back. I plan on having the best week of my year! Especially since the Monday after vacation is over, the last year of law school starts with a vengence. I can do this!!!! Power of positive thinking! haha!

Ok. That's enough of an update, I guess.

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