Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This week so far (week of July 11, 2010)

Church on Sunday was good. I really enjoyed both sermons and didn't mind-wander very much at all. That's a huge success! Trust me. :) Ate lunch at Pizza Hut. Mmmm... Cheese breadsticks. Then just relaxed and read for the afternoon. I've been reading a book series called Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Woodsmall. The series is based around an Amish girl who is forced to leave her community and start a new life for herself in the "world." Not a literary masterpiece by any means, but I still have enjoyed the series (I finished it Monday night). After reading for the afternoon, went back to church for the night service then to a El Manzanillo Mexican restaurant with a large group from church. Always fun. And Chris bought me a pack of violet flavored chewing gum. I don't know why I like it so much. It tastes like Mr. Bubble bubble bath, and everytime I chew it, I think about making bubble beards in the bath tub when I was a little girl. I'll still continue to chew it though, regardless of the fact that it tastes like bubble bath. :)

Monday, back to work at the law office where I am interning for the summer. I waited the entire day for a file to come across my desk so I would have something to do, but nothing ever appeared, so I just bummed around on the internet instead. The attorney's son, Jim, started working for him full time yesterday. Jim graduated from law school last year and has been law clerk for the superior court judge in our district for the past year. The only empty office space in the building is now his, so I'm set up in the conference room for the last three weeks of this summer. Not that I mind too much. ;)Went to court for a few minutes Monday morning with Mssrs. Attorney and Son. The courtroom probably had a hundred people in it waiting for their case to be called. In this small town, that's a huge crowd. We got our business done pretty quickly in the judge's chambers though, so we didn't have to wait in the neverending line.

Today, Tuesday. Work again. Court this morning. I really need to meet with that superior court judge to talk about working as his clerk next year once I graduate. That would be a good decision. After we left court, Jim reminded Mr. Attorney dad that it was mom's birthday, so we went by the florist. Mr. Attorney had no clue what to get her (side note: I seriously love this man. Get him in the court room, and he's sharp and on topic. When it comes to everyday, nonlegal things, he's a scatterbrainded as anything!). The florist told him that his wife liked daisies. So he said daisies would be nice. Then she said she liked them in a basket. So he ordered daisies in a basket (which I think shows that this florist knows her business since daisies in a basket are probably the most expensive way to present cheap daisies). ;) Back to the office after that where I finally got a file. Apparently though, from the fact that I'm writing this blog instead of reading the file, it's not really keeping my attention too well. Back to it, I guess.

Here's some daisies in a basket. :)

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