Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was perfect. We had family lunch at my parents’ house and most of my mom’s extended family was able to come. Everyone was laughing and talking over each other and cracking jokes and my uncle kept singing show tunes at random times.
We read the “How to Cook a Turkey” articles in the local paper where elementary school children write down how to cook a turkey. My favorite was the one that said you put pineapple and blueberries on it, then you put pepperoni and cheese on it, and then you put ice cream and bologna on it. It sounds absolutely disgusting, but the creativity was hilarious!
Levi was able to come to the family dinner, too. This was his first Thanksgiving back in the States (he was in Lebanon for two years for missions), and I was very thankful that he chose to spend the day with us. After the extended family left, we curled up in the chair together and took naps and watched movies (Elf and The Goonies). 
I’m planning on going to his family Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’m very exciting about it since it will be the first time I’ve met most of his family. It’ll be a fun day, I’m sure. 
Today, I am doing some catch-up work, recovering from the overeating yesterday, and basically having a beautiful day. There is so much in my life to be thankful for right now, and I usually try to remember that. But it’s been difficult in the past couple weeks what with being so busy and stressed about my career and all the new work and uncertainty lately. But God is good.
My dad was talking yesterday about how blessed our family is. We’ve been through a lot this year. My uncle was diagnosed with cancer and almost died from complications with the chemo, but he is now in remission and is doing very well. My brother-in-law’s sister was killed a few weeks ago, and the family is still grieving over that. My dad lost his job a few months back and hasn’t been able to find any work. I am basically unemployed, and my mom is having to work significant overtime each week to make everything run smoothly around the house.
But we still have our family. And our house. And enough to eat. And we are constantly overwhelmed by the amount of grace and peace that God has been pouring out on us every day. And all the “Happy Things” lists in the world could never communicate how good my life is right now and how many blessings I experience every day. 
I hope each and every one of you have an absolutely wonderful holiday season, and I hope that you too can experience some peace and blessings in the next few months. 
Happy Thanksgiving.

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