Friday, July 29, 2011

And we've only just begun to live...

Well, I finished the bar exam Wednesday evening. I'll have to wait until the end of October to find out if I pass or not. So I'm just going to put it aside and try not to think about it.

I'm going to Jekyll Island, GA, for vacation tomorrow. Staying for a week. I've been looking forward to this all summer. I plan on doing little more than soaking up sun by the pool and listening to my favorite music. I'll be sure to blog the highlight with some pictures when we get back.

I've had a huge list of things to do and make that I've been adding to all summer. I finally get to start that list. I'll probably blog about some of those things, too. ;)

I'm ready for life! I'm staring it in the face, and it's a little scary but also very exhilarating at the same time. I can't wait to see what adventures I have and where my journeys take me!


  1. I'll be down there for my birthday this weekend!! I hope you have a great time and glad you're not worrying about the test because I'm pretty positive you passed. And if you didn't, I swear the test was rigged.

  2. Hope you enjoy your vacation. :)