Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things I Want to Do This Autumn

  • have a bonfire
  • go to a cornmaze
  • hike to a waterfall
  • visit the mountains
  • watch Hocus Pocus, The Village, Sleepy Hollow, and other not-so-scary scary movies
  • make pumpkin muffins
  • press colorful leaves
  • make a quilt
  • buy a pair of heeled oxfords
  • go to a fair
  • and other seasonally appropriate things. <3


  1. Come and visit. We'll head up to a pumpkin farm and hike up at the Peaks. I know of two gorgeous waterfalls there!

    Also, pumpkin cookies with an orange glaze. By far the best things I've ever baked. Ever.

  2. Love your list and I'm the same way with movies. :)